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Modular Solutions

Containerised Plant Rooms:

Entire plant rooms containing combinations of MV Switchgear, Transformers, LV switchgear, standby generators and UPS systems built and tested at the factory.

The assembly work is undertaken in parallel with site preparation, saving time and protecting the sensitive electrical equipment from the rigours of the construction site.

Witness tested before despatch, these package solutions can be installed and commissioned quickly and efficiently.

Positioned on a roof or adjacent to a building, CPR’s free up internal space that would otherwise be occupied by plant equipment.

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Open Skid Frames:

AF Switchgear have designed and developed several open frame Skid mounted solutions incorporating Transformers, Switchgear, PDU’s and third-party UPS equipment along with all interconnecting bus bar and cabling.

All equipment is assembled at our HQ in Nottinghamshire, fully tested and delivered to site for rapid installation and final commissioning.

Skids can be manufactured with raised access floors for bottom entry bus bars and cabling or provided with support structures to facilitate top entry cable and bus bar systems

Frequently Asked Questions

What is in a mechanical plant room?

A mechanical plant room (which can also be referred to as a boiler room) holds the equipment required to supply or provide building services, such as ventilation, electrical distribution, water and more. Depending on the size of the plant room, the complexity of the electrical equipment and the services required by the building, plant rooms normally contain:

– Boilers and thermostats

– Chillers

– Refrigeration units

– Switchgear

– Electrical equipment

– Control panels

– Air handling units

– Heat exchangers

– Back up electrical generators and compressors

– Water heaters and tanks

– Gas pipework

What is a plant room?

A plant room is a dedicated space containing equipment required to supply or provide building services, such as ventilation, electrical distribution, water and more.

What is a switchroom?

Switchrooms house electrical systems such as LV switchboards, sub-distribution boards and package substations. Access to these rooms is usually reserved for competent persons who are electrically trained.

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