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LV Switchgear

As a Schneider Electric Authorised, StruxureWare™ System Integrator, EcoXpert Critical Power Master, we are able to custom design and integrate, highly functional systems to the highest standards for StruxureWare™ Power Monitoring Expert.

We manufacture industry leading LV switchgear in all configurations and forms of separation in accordance with BS EN 61439-2. Standard designs are certified up to 6300A 100kA RMS Sym for 1 sec.

Our range of switchboards are all custom-built in a modular design with fully welded construction designed to any configuration to suit site requirements. All equipment is manufactured and tested in-house.

All aspects of the design are detailed in 2D and 3D CAD options. Sub-distribution switchgear is available to the same specification.

All aspects of the design are detailed in 2D and 3D CAD options. Sub-distribution switchgear is available to the same specification.

Switchboard Features and Options:

  • All device types including ACB’s, MCCB’s, MCB and Fusewitches.
  • Fixed, plug-in or withdrawable devices.
  • Devices from all the main manufactures including ABB, Schneider, Socomec, Terasaki plus other manufacturers ranges.
  • Comprehensive range of metering from Carlo Gavazzi, Janitza, Rayliegh, Schneider, Socomec plus other manufacturers.
  • Supply Authority CT Chambers integral to the footprint.
  • Thermographic viewing facilities.
  • Power mimic lines.
  • Electronic surge protection.
  • Double-rated neutral busbars.
  • Ingress protection ratings up to IP65.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is LV switchgear?

LV stands for Low Voltage Switchgear. It is a 3-phase power ditribution product, which is deisgned to efficiently, safely and reliably supply electricity around a building or structure in a controlled and safe manner. LV switchgear is usually rated at 400VAC three-phase and can supply loads of up to 6300 amps. An LV switchboard is supplied by either the secondary side of a transformer (low-voltage side), or a generator. 

Low voltage switchgear is also used to feed low voltage distribution, motor centres and sub-distribution boards.

What is LV switch room?

An LV switch room is a controlled area where the main LV distribution is situated. The LV switch room is a central space which can contain the main LV switchboards, package substations and other critical LV distribution.

Is 11kV HV or LV?

11kV would fall under the medium / high voltage category.

What is LV switchgear’s function?

The main function of LV switchgear is to distribute power around a building or structure in a safe and controlled manner.

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