What is it used for?

This busbar system is designed to distribute electrical power in low voltage installation, this is an ideal alternative to numerous cabling.

What are the advantages?

There are many advantages to using IP68 busbar systems:

  • Wide range from 400A – 6150A / 1000V
  • Outdoor IP68
  • High short circuit-withstand
  • Overload capacity 20% during 2 hours
  • Full encapsulated in epoxy resin
  • Electromagnetic compatibility EMC
  • Electro erosion resistance
  • Low voltage drops
  • Tailor made terminal elements
  • High mechanical strength
  • Small dimensions
  • Air and watertight wall bushings
  • Chemical resistance
  • Resistance against fungi, animals, insects, rodent
  • UV resistance
  • Self-extinguishing insulation IEC 60332
  • Fire retarding wall bushings DIN 4102-9 up to S120
  • IEC 60331-12 180min, DIN 4102-12 up to 120min
  • ATEX zone II
  • Non chimney effect
  • Tropical resistance
  • Up to 50 Years lifetime and maintenance free

4P Aluminium 800A

4P Aluminium 800A

4P Aluminium 3200A

4P Aluminium 3200A

4P Aluminium 5000A

4P Aluminium 5000A

What information does Preedcrete require from the customer?

  • No of Poles – 4P/5P – these are 100% neutral and 100% earth. The neutral can be increased to 200% as per customer request
  • Material – Aluminium/Copper
  • Current Rating - Alum = 400 – 5000, Cu 630 - 6300
  • Drawing showing position of switchboard/Transformer and preferred route

What is the Busbar composition? 

The busbar system is based on direct encapsulation of copper or aluminium conductors. The resin contains epoxy and mineral fillers mixed under vacuum. The system is halogen free and self-extinguishing. No toxic fumes are created from fire. 

How are IP68 elements joined?

Elements are joined using a Monoblock. The monobloc is supported by pressure plate and held by tightening a double headed torque bolt. the correct torque setting is achieved when the second bolt head shears. The joint and element extremities are overcast with resin material. 

Are Tap-off outlets available?

The IP 68 system has tap off elements available that can be positioned anywhere within a n element. Slide in boxes are available in standard ratings up to 630A. these boxes can slide in while the busbar is energised. 

Need a Bespoke Busbar System?

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