What is it used for?

This busbar system is used for the distribution of electrical power especially as a transformer to switchboard and switchboard to switchboard connection. It can also be used as the main distributor for industrial, commercial and service industry applications.

What are the advantages?

There are many advantages to using IP55 busbar systems:

  • Nominal rating guaranteed both for flat and edgewise installations (no derating)
  • Nominal rated guaranteed with an ambient temperature of 40°C or above
  • Protection degree guaranteed both for flat and edgewise installations
  • Painted aluminium extruded alloy casing with high mechanical strength characteristics
  • Maintenance free Monoblock joint with tin plated copper contacts
  • Smaller and Lighter
  • Customized on request



4P Aluminium 3200A

4P Aluminium 3200A

4P Aluminium 5000A

4P Aluminium 5000A

What information does Preedcreete require from the customer?

  • No of Poles – 4P/5P – these are 100% neutral and 100% earth. The neutral can be increased to 200% or down to 50% as per customer request
  • Material – Aluminium/Copper
  • Current Rating = 400 – 5000, Cu 630 - 6300
  • Drawing showing position of switchboard/Transformer And preferred route

What is the Busbar composition?

The busbar system is manufactured from aluminium alloy extruded profile, which give great mechanical rigidity and resistance performance while keep weight down to a minimum.

How are IP55 elements joined?

Elements are joined using a Monoblock. The monobloc is tightened with a double headed torque bolt. the correct torque setting is achieved when the second bolt head shears. The mechanical connection is achieved when the joint cover unit is correctly assembled, thus guaranteeing that the IP55 protection degree is achieved. A mechanical interlock device prevents the installer from completing the mechanical connection until the electrical connection is correctly completed. The joint Monoblock doesn’t need any maintenance.

What Are Your Busbar Requirements?

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