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AF Switchgear Assisted ImTech With a Training Control Panel

In 2019, Imtech Engineering Central took the decision to build a bespoke training area to be used for training operatives as Authorised Persons on safe isolation procedures. To assist with this task, Imtech looked to AF Switchgear to help design and provide a suitable training panel.


Imtech Centre of Excellence


Following the successful delivery and installation their training facility Managing Director Darron Littlehales contacted AFS and issued the following statement:

“At Imtech we have a desire to raise the standards and awareness of energisation on construction sites and the strict procedures that are required and responsibilities of Authorised Persons on those sites. To do this we invested in the development of a teaching and practical demonstration area. As best in class we were pleased that AF switchgear partnered with us and provided a superb switch panel which was ideal for the task. We have a long heritage of working together and look forward to AF switchgear employees joining us on the future training and the future projects we will work on together”   

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