Copper Design Engineer / Radan Programmer


We are looking for a Copper Design Engineer / Radan Programmer to join the Copper Cell Team.

Reporting to the Operations Manager the successful candidate will be responsible or creating drawing files and CNC programmes for the manufacture of all copperwork.

Responsibilities include but are not exclusive to:

  • Creation of copperwork drawings using 2D / 3D based on fabrication model supplied by AF Fabrications.
  • Preparation of copperwork drawings based on the fabrication design, supplied by AF Fabrications and the engineering standards and prepare CNC programmes using the Radan interface in a timely manner.
  • Developing a system based on 3D drawing to enable the fast transfer of information into a CNC programme.
  • Development of a database / library of standard products based on standard fabrication principals.
  • Work in a timely manner to achieve production start and target dates.
  • Radan previously prepared copper layouts
  • Creation of copperwork drawings using 2D/3D based on fabrication models supplied by AF Fabrications.
  • Design of copper work and creation of CNC machine programmes for the supply of all copperwork to the assembly areas.