CNC Machinist – RADAN Programmer

Purpose of the Job

To supply pre formed coppers to the assembly lines and create RADAN programmes for the effective running of the Copper fabrication CNC machines

Duties & Responsibilities

• Responsible for setting, operating and maintaining the machines located in the copper fabrication cell and create compatible programmes from copperwork design drawing files to enable the fast transfer of information to the CNC machines.

• To work in a timely manner to achieve production start target dates.

• Ensuring the quality Control of all finished products is maintained.

• Reading of drawings and document control.

• Monitoring of scrap and identifying true causes.

• Monitor copper bar utilisation and reduction of scrap off-cuts.

• Radan previously prepared copper layouts.

• Developing a system based on 3D drawing to enable the fast transfer of information into a CNC program.

• Maintenance of machines in accordance with the maintenance schedule.

• Maintain housekeeping and 5S initiatives.

• Promote continuous improvement.

• Attend meetings as required / requested.

• Responsible for complying with and implementing the Q&E management system within area of activity.

To train others in accordance with defined training plan.

•  Manage subcontract and all outsourcing works to meet production targets.

•  Ensuring the use of British and International Standards used by the company.

•  Act as Management Representative for the Quality MRQ.

•  Department representative for continual improvement and standardisation.

•  Stock control and verification of costings.

•  Industrial Relations, in conjunction with MD.

•  Deputy Health & Safety.

•  Responsibility for complying with and implementing the BS EN ISO 9001 quality assurance system within their area of activity.


Hours of Work

Monday to Friday: 08:00- 16:00

How to Apply

  1. Download and fill in the Application Form


2. Email your Application Form and CV to