AF Switchgear in focus

Ever wondered how our switchboards are manufactured?

Today in our ‘In Focus’ series, we look at a short video clip of a particular piece of kit we use in our in-house fabrications facility.

The machine featured today is an automated punch machine manufactured by #TruPunch, which we have two in use currently.

The machine uses Radan CAD/CAM software and our Fabrication Engineers/Operators have to be specially trained to program the software and operate it correctly.

Once programmed the TruPunch machine can self-load and run for 24hrs a day if required.

It is very efficient in its operation and produces very little waste so all in all a great piece of kit.

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AF Switchgear Remote FAT

Remote Factory Acceptance Tests

During these changing and challenging times we have all had to adapt our usual way of doing business in many areas.
One such change has been the introduction of Remote Factory Acceptance Testing with the use of Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Our engineers have been tasked with hosting the events via live streaming using mobile cameras and stabilising equipment.

The tests to date have been extremely successful with excellent feedback from clients who were not only keen to praise Test Teams for their efforts but also to point out the huge steps in reducing all of our carbon footprints


Solar installation

Take a look at our Solar installation!

Installing a State of the Art Solar Farm

AF Switchgear made a decision to install a Photovoltaic array a couple of years ago, therefore our very own Solar Farm and we are delighted with the results.

Our PV array is made up of hundreds of Polycrystalline panels, each rated at 260W covering our factory roofs. The DC power is converted to AC through 25kW inverters into a bespoke built Switchgear and Monitoring System.

In total we have generated over 275,000 kWh to date, contributing greatly to our power usage.