3rd Annual Veterans Lunch


Last Friday, we celebrated our 3rd Annual Veterans lunch for all employees across the AF Switchgear business who have achieved 25 years or more continuous service.

This year saw an additional 4 employees who received their 25-year award. This is a huge testament to the family-owned company, one of which we are immensely proud of, and we thank you all for your continued commitment to AF Switchgear.

Overall, we celebrated a huge 586 combined years of service from just 20 employees, averaging 29.3 years each. 

Despite Storm Babet making the journey impossible for a few of our employees, those that were able to attend enjoyed an afternoon of celebrations.

Below is the full list of employees and their years of service:

                                                                                                Years Service

Ken Eley                       Major Projects Engineer                            42

Ian Foster                     Group Managing Director                         37

Richard Thompson      Group Sales Director                                36

Bob Cooper                 Technician                                                   34

Richard Hill                  Team Leader Electrical Assembly           32

Robert Briggs               Sales Director                                            29

Mark Nutt                    Group Technical Director                          29

Darren Smalley            Senior Sales Estimating Engineer          29

Steve Sellars                 Senior Applications Engineer                 29

Dene Hutsby                Approved Electrical Fitter                        28

Stan Carter                   Team Leader Electrical Assembly         28

Dale Spelman              Approved Electrical Fitter                        27

Mick Kennedy              Technician                                                 27

Martyn Sutcliffe            Electrical Fitter                                        27

Edwin Chandler            Senior Applications Engineer                26

Bill Mills                       Electrical Fitter                                          26

Dale Wake                    Electrical Fitter                                         25

Mark Baker                   Site Services Technical Supervisor      25

Mike Harris                  Technical Consultant                              25

Steve Fells                    Team Leader Electrical Assembly        25