Busbar Trunking

Preedcrete Ltd, a subsidiary of AF Switchgear Ltd, have over 30 years’ experience in the busbar industry. In partnership with two of the leading manufacturers of IP55 & IP68 Busbar Systems, we are able to offer a complete solution for all your busbar requirements, including design, manufacture, installation and testing.

Preedcrete can supply busbar configurations for all application needs. Working alongside Megabarre® and BKS Stromschienen AG means we can provide copper and aluminum conductor systems for a wide range of projects/environments.


IP68 (Cast Resin) -

Our IP68 rated compact epoxy cast resin busbar systems are suitable for applications in harsh environments. This solution is suitable for outdoor environments and is resistant to most chemicals. Alongside our IP67 rated tap off boxes, we can provide busbar trunking suitable from 400A to 6300A which are manufactured from copper or aluminum conductors. The IP68 product is ATEX Zone II certified and is maintenance free. With high mechanical strength this product can be tailor made to suit your project.


IP55 -

Our IP55 rated solutions are split into three categories according to the required size of power distribution.

Mistral – A suitable copper conductor solution for lighting and small power requirements (25A to 40A).

System – A copper or aluminium conductors more suited to medium power distribution (100A to 400A) which can be manufactured as a vertical or horizontal application along with standard or bespoke tap off units.

Impact2A busbar configurations for high power distribution (400A to 6300A) typically manufactured from copper or aluminium, in vertical or horizontal formation with standard/bespoke tap off units and patented tap off outlet covers.



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