System Monitoring

As a Schneider Electric Authorised, StruxureWare™ System Integrator, EcoXpert Critical Power Master, we are able to custom design and integrate, highly functional systems to the highest standards for;

  • StruxureWare™ Power Management Expert.

With StruxureWare™ Power Management Expert being the standard choice for Data Centre owners and Consultants alike, our graphically rich and dynamic systems include:

  • Elementary starter setups, with scope to grow for future proof systems.
  • Integration into existing infrastructure to provide legacy support.
  • Complete system upgrade, graphical interface update and refresh.
  • Hi resiliency systems with hosting system server and equipment N+1 configuration throughout.
  • Integrated systems providing PLC partnered control of power distribution.

We offer design assistance with custom screen sample selection, from system conception, through structure planning to fully working systems, including public visible information displays to energy and power quality reports for end users.

The end user will most appreciate a responsive, logical system capable of delivering accurate real-time data to assist both operational personnel and the more financially orientated departments. Our systems have the inbuilt capabilities to provide information quickly and clearly.

  • Structured Network Design Assistance and Supply.
  • EMS, PMS and PQM Management and Quality Supervision.
  • Power Trending.
  • Custom Energy Reporting Tool for integration to existing billing platforms.
  • Schneider StruxureWare™ Power Monitoring Expert monitoring software.
  • System Reports for:
    • Breaker aging and performance.
    • Energy Analysis.
    • Energy Billing.
    • Generator performance
    • UPS performance

StruxureWarePower Monitoring Expert - power management software can maximise system reliability and optimises operational efficiency

Power Monitoring Expert software is a complete supervisory software package for power management applications. The software collects and organises data to industry preferred standard SQL database, gathered from a facility’s electrical network for full historical event recollection and power usage analysis. It presents this data as meaningful, actionable information via an intuitive web interface on customisable display dashboards, tabulated screens or visual trends, for quick snapshot information. Information can be shared with key stakeholders or across your entire operation to influence behavioural changes that can save energy and money.

Centralized Data Centre Infrastructure Management provides an efficient way to monitor company-wide multi-vendor physical infrastructure: power, generation, UPS systems, cooling, security and environment.

Real-time monitoring, user-defined reports and graphs, and instant fault notification and escalation enable quick assessment and resolution of critical infrastructure events that can adversely affect IT system availability.

This centralised repository of critical information can be accessed by multiple users from anywhere on the network, creating a consolidated view of the physical data centre infrastructure. This open and flexible architecture expands with changing business needs.

Add-on additional reports provide customised functionally on the same solid core functionality of the Power Monitoring Expert software, for generation performance and UPS performance amongst others. These software suites are designed to collect and manage data about a data centre’s assets, resource use and operation status throughout the data centre lifecycle.

This information is then distributed, integrated and applied in ways that help managers optimise the data centre’s power usage effectiveness (PUE), other WAGES elements and meet IT, business and service oriented goals. From IT assets to racks, rows, rooms and buildings and it delivers the right information to the right users at the right time.


Control and Monitoring Department