Retail, Stores and Distribution

Retail Store Projects

We support all aspects of the retail market from localised sub-distribution boards, to specialised MV/LV package sub-stations and plant control systems projects.

Modern retail spaces focus on maximising shop-floor and display areas. All our equipment is designed to maximise valuable revenue earning space.

We can offer equipment designed for installation in locations such as basements or within shop floor closets to full sub-stations on the roof top.

When modular weatherproof enclosures are required to house the switchgear, we can offer these as part of a turnkey solution with all the benefits of off-site construction.

Our products offer the design flexibility needed by the ever-changing retail market, we offer support packages for all products throughout their working life.

Distribution and Warehouse Projects

The fast pace of a modern distribution warehouse demand that we design and manufacture equipment that meets the high-level demands of this environment.

Our equipment is designed to meet the robust nature and environmental changes within a modern distribution warehouse, also offering the flexibility required to modify with minimal interruption.

Our equipment can be designed and manufactured to allow positioning in any location within the distribution warehouse, without the need to be located within their own switchrooms. We provide safe, fully protected products that can be easily maintained and operated.


Shooping centre installations