Nottinghamshire Head Quarters

All aspects of the products we manufacture are managed and built in-house from the beginning and concept design through to the test and inspection. This enables us to give us full control of the manufacturing process of our equipment throughout the whole project, with engineering teams dedicated to manage all your project requirements.

We have everything needed to achieve our delivery commitments within three separate facilities on one site. We use this method of manufacture to ensure that the separate parts of the process are kept segregated from each other to maintain the high standards of build we and our clients require.

Facility 1 - Main Production Facility

The main production facility houses the following:

  • Design and Engineering department located for ease of access to the production area.
  • 2D and 3D CAD facility.
  • Technical director located for overseeing of the design, production and testing elements of the build program.
  • Production facility for clean assembly of all equipment.
  • Production manager for hands on decisions of the assembly process.
  • Over twenty build lanes dedicated to assembly.
  • Testing and inspection facilities.
  • Conference facilities.
  • Training facilities.
  • Site services support team.


Facility 2 - Copper Cell & Stores

The Copper Cell and Stores facility houses the following:

  • Copper cell design and engineering team.
  • Copperwork 2D and 3D CAD facility.
  • Copper cell production facilities.
  • CNC copper punching and bending machines with computerised CAD communication links to the copper cell fabrication design and engineering team.
  • Component assembly.
  • Goods inwards.
  • Stock control.
  • Stores.
  • Administration department.


Facility 3 - Sales, Marketing, EMS and Metalwork Fabrication

The Sales and Metalwork Fabrication facility houses the following:

  • Technical sales department.
  • Estimating department.
  • Marketing department.
  • Sales director located for overseeing of the sales and marketing process.
  • EMS department in-house software team.
  • EMS department site services team.
  • Metalwork fabrication engineering department located for ease of access to the metalwork production area.
  • Metalwork 2D and 3D CAD facilities.
  • CNC punch, presses and laser machines with computerised CAD communication links to the metalwork fabrication engineering department.
  • Metalwork welding and fabrication facilities with over fifteen weld bays.
  • Conference facilities.
  • Training facilities.


Facility 4 - Paint Plant, Post Paint Assembly, Storage and Warehousing

The facility houses the following:

  • Paint & post paint assembly engineering department located for ease of access to the production area.
  • Fully Automated Paint Plant processing over fifty metres of panels per day.
  • Pre-production assembly of switchboard cabinets.
  • Training facilities.
  • Storage for pre final assembly.
  • Storage and Warehousing for complete inspected and tested switchboards.


Control and Monitoring Depatment